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The  South East Europe Media Handbook (SMH), an annual publication in two volumes, covering media developments in SEE, which includes selected media contacts, has been in publication since 2003. The handbook is written in English. Since 2008, the book has come out under the title South East and Central Europe Media Handbook, well known to everyone as the  SEEMO Media Handbook (or SMH). It includes media landscape reports, legal overview, press freedom reports, history of media, presentation of some media and owners, details about media education, advertising and contact details of selected radio and TV stations, newspapers, magazines, media organisations, media schools, journalists’ organisations, Internet service providers and other new media from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and Bulgaria. SEEMO publishes this handbook annually in cooperation with its partners: the Central European Initiative (CEI), the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, and ERSTE Foundation from Vienna. This book is published in 4,000 copies and includes over 2,500 pages in two volumes.

South East and Central Europe Media Handbook 

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Oliver Vujovic

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Radomir Ličina


Introduction photos by Perspective Vladan Delić - Cosmopolitan Photography, Belgrade and 
assistant Ljilja Bulović; Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, Vienna; IDM, Vienna; 
CEI, Trieste; and ERSTE Foundation, Vienna. All other photos by Slobodan Polić and Mirjana Živanović,
SEEMO monitoring, photo and video team, Belgrade - Vienna 

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Zoran Spahić




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